P2p networks abbreviated from peer-to-peer network, is a computer network mainly used for sharing of digital media files.

The p2p networks are new real deal for savvy and modern people looking for cool networks. The concept for this type of networking started in 1999 as file sharing systems like the music-sharing app, Napster. It can also be an ad hoc connection; a group of computers connected via a universal serial bus to transfer files. A good example is this, a chat session between computer A and computer B will not hinder a file transfer from computer D to computer E. Furthermore, if computer D does not have the file needed, the user of computer E is able to start a search to find another computer on the network with the required file. However, depending on the search algorithm, the amount of bandwidth used for a small network varies from a network of many attached devices. This means that the search has to go through all the computers before locating the file. Therefore, it would take a lot time for a network of many devices. However, the P2P applications are a mixed breed where the server has all the search tools and file location information whereas the file transfers are completed directly from device to device.

One of benefits of p2p networks is that the resources of all the computers spread the load thus increasing the strength of the network. Transferring files from one computer to different computers is easier and faster without the resource computer bogging. This networking enables the ability to access internet wherever one is around the world. A mobile phone p2p network is a great way to search and share ringtones, music, videos or photos. When applied within a work environment it enables instant messaging among colleagues. P2p networks running costs are also small for the innovative content distributor. You will also benefit from streaming media using applications such as PP Live, Cybersky-tv, JOOST and many others..

All networking systems encounter security problems. The p2p networks use authorization, encryption and authentication as the primary areas of security concerns. Authorization means that the user has the entity permission to use resources or perform an action. Authentication is where by the online user is trusted to be who they claim to be. Moreover, encryption is the method of rendering a message hard to read unless the online user possesses the appropriate method or decipher key. To enjoy p2p networking, security has to be entirely upon the user. Network security should be studied before any file sharing application is set up for all the files and areas left open for sharing


Bitcoin network

Bitcoin network is defined as a p2p payment network. It operates on a protocol known as cryptographic protocol. Users of this network usually send bitcoins using Bitcoin wallet software to broadcast the digitally signed messages of the network. Block chain is a public database which records the transactions made. It is distributed internationally using technology same as bit torrent. Bitcoin network stores the transactions in blocks which form the block chain. These blocks can never be changed, unless the work is redone. The chain serves which are the longest proofs the sequence of events. It also records the verification of the sequence. Nodes control the computing power and for this reason, they do not attack the network. This makes them generate the longest chains. Bitcoin network is able to share transactions using a very minimal structure. Nodes join the network and also leave it at will. When reconnecting, a node not only downloads new blocks from others but also verifies them and hence completes the copy of the chain. Bitcoins wallets are being used as software applications, memorized passphrases and also as web applications. The Bitcoin payment is verified by not necessarily running the full network node; but the duplicate of the block header which has the longest chain is used. The transaction is checked by linking it to the node chain. The verification is always reliable, provided that the honest nodes are the ones controlling the network.